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PAMPAFOODS is nothing less than the natural result of the evolution and commercial growth of a genuinely Brazilian enterprise, the "PAMPA Group", constituted by the companies "PAMPACARNE'' and "PAMPAMEAT'', since 1986, with the objective of operating in the prospecting segment and business development in the sale of beef.

Based on solid partnerships between producers and customers, the business naturally expanded to export and import as well. The constant evolution of the world scenario has projected the PAMPA Group to a prominent place, thus giving rise to PAMPAFOODS, which today occupies a consolidated position in the export and import of animal protein (ex: bovine, pork, sheep, poultry and fish products). The constant search for excellence has added to PAMPAFOODS' portfolio diverse products such as fresh fruits, frozen vegetables and frozen par-fried potatoes, as well as other commodities such as grains, vegetable oils and fats, sugars, soy and corn bran.

With extensive experience in conducting business and with partners in more than seventy countries in all economic blocs around the world, PAMPAFOODS has the expertise and is today responsible for the development and integration between suppliers and buyers of unquestionable reputation, both at the level national and international; it also provides all the support and support necessary to control the quality of products, documents and logistics for each operation. Being a PAMPAFOODS partner is synonymous with having impeccable quality, safety and service. After all, the motto "good business is our business" is justified.

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PAMPAFOODS' MISSION is to create opportunities and promote long-term business and partnerships, so that success is achieved by all parties.

Principles and Values

Os PRINCÍPIOS e VALORES que norteiam as atividades da PAMPAFOODS descrevem bem sua forma de trabalho: transparência, flexibilidade, ética e integralidade; foco no compromisso com o prazo, a qualidade e a busca pela excelência nos serviços customizados.


As a global company, PAMPAFOODS' VISION is to continually adapt to different legal structures and cross-cultural aspects, always positioning itself in order to maintain the high standard of performance that distinguishes it, always praising the solid and reliable partnerships developed throughout the its 30 years old.

Quality assurance


Commitment to the planet


We believe that defending and improving the environment, both for the present and for the next generations, must be the guideline for all economic, political and social actions. Thus, all PAMPAFOODS businesses are guided by Sustainable Practices, such as: respect and responsibility towards the community; full commitment to reliable suppliers who share the same concerns and values with environmental management; concern and attention to the reduction of water, energy and paper waste.

Thus, PAMPAFOODS seeks to integrate all its actions and operations to promote the improvement of environmental aspects.



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