PAMPAFRUITS is the natural result of the development and commercial growth of a genuinely Brazilian enterprise, the “GRUPO PAMPAFOODS”. Based on solid partnerships between suppliers and customers, the natural path was to expand the business to export fresh fruit from the São Francisco Valley, in Northeastern Brazil, to the world.

PAMPAFRUITS is currently responsible for the development and integration between suppliers and buyers of unquestionable reputation, providing full support in the quality control of fruit, documents and logistics in each operation. The partnership with PAMPAFRUITS is synonymous with quality, safety and impeccable service. After all, our motto is “good business is our business”.

With favorable climatic conditions, fertile soil and modern irrigation techniques, the São Francisco Valley is one of the main fruit producing regions in Brazil. Distinguished by its production capacity throughout the year, reaching the standard of quality expected by international consumers, Table Grape and Mango are the main fruits produced in the São Francisco Valley.