The three main meat producers and exporters in the world are: Australia, the United States and Brazil. The European Union has adopted a version of the Australian AUS-Meat standard.

Brazilian cuts take into account the anatomical divisions due to the manufactured production process. On the other hand, Australian and American cuts, which use automation in their processes due to the high cost of labor, processing larger and less anatomical cuts. The table below shows the equivalence between these different types of cut. Note that in some cases it is not possible to establish an equivalent cut.


Brasil Austrália EUA
Acém Chuck roll ** Chuck roll
Alcatra (miolo) Rostbiff Top sirloin butt (Round eye)
Bananinha Intercostals (rib fingers) Rib fingers, boneless
Bife da ponta de agulha Brisket- deckle off Outside skirt (plate)
Bisteca * Rib / Striploin steak, bone in
Braço Armbone shin Foreshank
Capa de costela Chuck meat square *
Capa do contra filé * Beef Rib, blade meat
Carne de panela em cubo de qualquer músculo Diced Beef Diced / stewing beef
Carne moída Minced beef Ground beef
Contra filé Striploin Striploin / ribeye
Contra filé com costela e capa Ribs- prepared Beef rib, oven-prepared
Costela Rib ends Back ribs
Costela sem osso Spare ribs Back ribs, boneless
Costelinha Short ribs Short ribs, trimmed
Coxão duro Outside flat Outside round (flat)
Coxão mole Topside / inside – cap off Top (inside) round, cap off
Cupim Chuck crest Hump
Diafragma / entrada fina Inside skirt Outer Skirt Steak / Diaphragm
Filé mignon Tenderloin Full Tenderloin
Fraldinha Internal flank plate Bottom Sirloin (Flap/Abdominis internus)
Fraldão Thin flank Transversus Abdominus / Inner Skirt Steak
Ganhadora / raquete Oyster blade Beef Chuck Top Blade Roast, boneless
Lagarto Eye round Eye of round
Lombinho Thick skirt *
Maminha Bottom sirloin triangle (Tri-tip) Bottom sirloin butt (Tri-tip)
Músculo (braço) Shin / Shank Foreshank
Músculo (traseiro) Shin-special trim Shank
Pacu (bife do vazio) Flank steak Flank steak
Palette Blade (clod) Shouder clod
Patinho Knuckle Knuckle, peeled (Ball tip)
Peito Brisket point end plate Brisket, deckle-off, boneless
Peixinho Chuck tender Chuck Mock tender
Pescoço Neck Neck
Pescoço e acém Chuck Chuck


The noble cuts include filet mignon, sirloin steak, rump, entrecot and counter filet. The market for the rump steak is Brazilian, the other cuts are mainly demanded by the European Union. Egypt demands filet mignon and against filet.

Butt cuts, Wheel cuts, soft tops, hard tops, ducklings and muscle are highly demanded by Russia, Egypt and Hong Kong. The less noble parts – such as giblets, cuts and sangria – find their main markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. The Chinese market is still an unknown when it comes to preference cuts, with enormous potential, but it is bureaucratic in terms of plant approval and shipment release.